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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Of isms, and the world of dogma

A recent discussion about feminism has prompted me to write something about the 'isms' of this world and to put my perspective, not to say spin, on them. I will not be discussing all of them. But first, a definition: an 'ism' is generally a dogmatic belief in something. In no particular order, therefore:

    The ISMS
  1. Creationism: At its core, Creationism is an all-overriding belief in the biblical story of creation, where God created the world in six days just a few thousand years ago. That is, it's a belief in a story codified by the Old Testament, and apparently merely a retelling of a much older story.
  2. Religionism: At its core, this 'ism' is a belief in a particular deity linked with a set of traditions, actions, books and stories. Despite claiming to be peaceful in some way, most major religions have caused or are causing horrible wars throughout the ages. People in the grip of religion are capable not only of unbelievable acts of kindness, but also acts of unspeakable evil. When you feel 'God' is on your side, you can do pretty much anything you please and disregard the consequences.
  3. Marxism: “From everybody according to their ability; to everyone according to their need” and “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” are the defining aspects of this 'ism'. As is terror, torture, mass-murder and wholesale destruction of whole classes, the foremost amongst which is the 'farmer'. As well, apathy is a powerful manifestation of Marxism in societies aflicted by it once enthusiasm for mass-slaughter fades with time. Every Marxist is a Communist, though not every Communist is a Marxist.
  4. Feminism: This 'ism' is characterised by the destruction of the traditional family(mascarading as freedom), the elimination of choice for women(mascarading as choice), and an all-overriding hatred of men(especially white men) and all things heterosexual(mascarading as being against violence against women). There are, of course, varying degrees of all of this present in any given feminist, like in everything else, but individuals are irrelevant unless they write and pass laws. For that, you have to look to the leaders of the feminist movement. A degree in “Women's Studies”, a feminist propaganda arm, allows one to ask on a daily basis the age-old question, “Do you want fries with that?”. By definition, an unproductive part of society, determined to replace one type of 'daddy', the man, with another type of 'daddy', The Man(ie., the State).
  5. Capitalism: This 'ism' is belief in private ownership of goods and land, capital directed by private citizens, not representatives of a particular government and free market competition where privately-held companies compete with one another for consumers' attention. In its pure form, capitalism is probably no better than other systems in providing a decent life for the commons. History suggests that companies will exploit, unless there are laws to limit certain forms of corporate behaviour.
  6. Socialism: This 'ism' is the intermediate step between capitalism and communism, or so the socialists and wannabe communists tell us. In actuality, socialism in its pure form is just another word for 'dictatorship'. Government, and government agents, control all forms of production and consumption, including industry and agriculture. Pure forms of socialism offer no social safety net for the non-productive members of society. When used sparringly to somewhat dilute pure capitalism, it provides the best societal organisation.
  7. Communism: The end-all-and-be-all of utopian social engineering, this 'ism' eliminates all classes, in theory, making everything a cooperative effort. Cannot succeed on more than a local level for more than a very short period of time. Invention, improvement, progress, all these things will be eliminated under communism. For an idea of what it's like, read an old Soviet sci-fi book, “The Fogs of Andromeda”. There has never been an attempt at communism that didn't turn into a horrid disaster. Classes cannot be eliminated, because people cannot be voluntary experts in everything, and the moment experts get together, we get guilds, and therefore classes. As well, human nature eliminates the possibility of communism: we work hardest when it's ours, not something held in common.

Hope this clears up a few things for you. If not, comment on it, and I'll try to expand on them..

Updated April 7th, 2005: Damn, forgot one important one:
  1. Atheism: This 'ism' is an all-overriding belief in the lack of anything beyond what can be seen with the human eyes or analyzed with technology. Atheists have a tendency of being just as fanatical and dogmatic as their religionist brothers, which is probably why they hate them so much!


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