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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Of colanders, or why is only crap available now?

You know, there is nothing more convinient than a single-handled colander. The handles on those things are long, making it easy to pick it up and keeps your hands away from all the heat. Why is it, then, that I can't find any of them anymore? Why are only double-handled colanders available in stores and online? A website for international sources of colanders only lists double-handled ones, while the American Kohl's lists only one single-handled one, but it's just a strainer, not a full colander like the others.

I have one at home, and I spend countless hours worrying about what would happen should it ever rust, and I toss and turn in bed, sleepless, unable to welcome the beckoning unconsciousness, sick with dread should the handle ever fall off. How would I replace it? How would I make pasta without it? Can my life get any sadder than it already is?


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