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Friday, April 29, 2005

Gillette: Is that when you tell her to take a hike?

Given some of my previous posts, you might think that I'm obsessed with commercials. And you'd be right. Having no wife or girlfriend, and definitely(hopefully) no children, and being quite a bit of an Evil Male Chauvinist Pigtm, I can obsess over whatever I like, without fear of feminine disapproval. It is my fervent belief than every man needs something to obsess over, apart from obvious things like work and family, without fear of feminine disapproval.

In any case, the Gillette commercial goes something like this: a man goes running(for health, that is), then comes home and goes to take a shower. In the meantime, his wife/girlfriend picks up his shirt he ran in, smells it and the accuses him of not having gone where he'd said he'd gone, because, well, because she can't smell anything on it. She even doesn't believe him when he claims, as we've seen, to have actually gone jogging. And all this is done in a really bad rendition of old Kung Fu movies, where the words you hear come out of their mouths don't actually match their mouth movements.

Something occured to me after the first few times I watched that commercials. At which point does the guy tell her to believe him or not, he doesn't care? After all, if she doesn't believe what you tell her, what does that really tell you about her belief in you? I hate to be harsh about it, but isn't trust the first prerequisite for a successful relationship?

You can have love, lust, fun, excitement, or even basic attraction, but is trust not the glue that holds it all together? Without it, none of these other feelings and emotions and physical reactions matter even an iota. Once damaged, is trust not one of the most difficult aspects of a relationship to rebuild? You can certainly lose it in many ways, including lying and cheating, but rebuilding it will be a very hard job. So, if you ask your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife (I refuse to use the term 'partner') something, and their response isn't necessarily logical based on what you think they should've responded with, should your first conclusion be that they're lying to you?


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