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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Disgusting commercials, are they necessary?

There's been an explosion of truly disgusting commercials on TV lately. The ones that come readily to mind are commercials for the Axe deoderant and Viagra(the predecessor to Viagra commercials was just as vile if not more so). Now, personally, I have nothing against soft-core porn, even violent soft-core porn, but I don't understand why it has to be inflicted on me every commercial break during every program on TV.

The Axe commercials are far more disgusting than the Viagra commercials, but the Viagra ones have a special place all on their own: they're the most divorced from reality. Axe commercials tend to the violent side, but Viagra commercials must've been written by someone who hasn't been in a North American office in decades.

I suppose it's one thing for a couple of old farts to discuss what they did after taking Viagra, disgusting though that thought might be. For the same reason that I don't want to see a guy dressed like a horse with a bit in his mouth, I don't want to hear anybody's descriptions of their sex lives, especially not two gangster lookalikes. That's not to say that they shouldn't talk about it, or do it, but don't inflict it on me.

But it goes beyond the pale that a man, in his early to mid thirties, would discuss his sex life openly beside the office watercooler and in front of a woman. Have you never heard of sexual harrassment, or hostile work environments, or hurting women's feelings? Even if it weren't for those things, it's still disgusting. Do whatever you want at home, but don't inflict it on your coworkers. At least they had the sense to make the coworkers look uncomfortable in the commercial.

But beyond any of that, what are these commercials propounding, anyway? The Viagra ads are selling a product that, apparently, makes you either a dirty old man or a dumb office prick who can't keep secrets secret. Axe commercials are, apparently, selling you on the idea that if you wear their product, skanky sluts with no modicum of self-control will be jumping all over you.

These commercials have a very European, or maybe even a South American feel to them, and look like a prelude to porn movies. Is that really what we want on our daily TV?


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