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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Who is Eric Cartman's mother?

I realize this is old to many, but I haven't seen all of South Park, so much of it is new to me.

So. Poor Eric Cartman, all his friends tease him because his mother's a “dirty rotten whore” and nobody, including Eric or his mother, knows who his father actually is. It appears that during a particular party, his mother sampled pretty much every man there. It transpired, however, on a particular day that began with laughter but ended with cannibalism, that the identity of his father would be revealed.

So. It transpired during that fateful day that Eric Cartman's mother is, in fact, a hermaphrodite, causing every man in the room to throw up simultaneously. The stunning revelation, however, was that Eric's mother's partner during that night wasn't a man, it was a woman. And so, we now know that his mother is actually his father, and his mother's identity is unknown.

So. Who is Eric Cartman's mother?


At Thu Mar 17, 11:49:00 AM AST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, cartman's mom is a hermaphrodite. That makes his mother his father as well.

At Mon Jan 16, 01:57:00 PM AST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no thats wrong.. eric cartmans mother is jimbo (who is actually a woman) thats my theory

At Sun Jun 19, 01:28:00 AM ADT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

cartman is adopted if you saw "cartmans mom is still a dirty slut" when she is having sex with the govenor she at first wants to change the law of abortion but then realizes she has made a mistake and means adoption.

At Thu Aug 16, 01:50:00 AM ADT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no she is his father because she is a hermaphrodite and con not carry children she meant to put him up for adoption


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