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Monday, March 14, 2005

The Truman Show, or how to look beyond the obvious

I watched The Truman Show yesterday on TV, and a few something struck me as odd about it. I've watched it before, but I never really thought about it. As a movie, I was pretty happy with it, in that I didn't feel I wasted my money, like I do with a large proportion of movies coming out these days. But, like all movies, it raises a few questions. I suppose all movies worth the price do.

    Here are my questions and possible answers
  1. Who allowed a corporation to legally adopt a baby? The judges, lawyers and executives involves should be thrown in jail for crimes against humanity.
  2. Who allowed the adopting corporation to destroy said baby's possible future life? It's one thing to go on a reality TV show as a willing participant; it's another to have someone make that decision for you.
  3. Is the woman playing his wife a whore? I don't mean the woman playing the woman playing the wife in the movie, The Truman Show. I mean woman playing Meryl on the TV show, The Truman Show. They obviously have sex with each other, but she can't really love him, and she is getting paid big bucks for play the role of a dutiful wife.
  4. Keeping the fact that The Truman Show is on twenty four hours a day without commercial breaks, I suppose keeping product placement prominent. But do they have to be so obvious about it? While in the middle of an argument with Truman, Meryl launches into an advert for a product. Did the show producers really think he wasn't going to notice? Especially since the argument is about his growing suspicions that something is seriously wrong with his world.
  5. He grew up entirely on the TV show, went to schools built specifically for him. Which means that he's got no real education, and no real idea of what the outside world is like. When he walked off, he was trully leaping into the unknown, and one would hope that all that money he was unwittingly making for everybody but himself is going to be there. He is, after all, going to need to go to school and get a real job.
  6. How long was it really going to last? If he had had children with 'Meryl', were they also to be a part of the show for the rest of their unnatural lives?

So these are the points I thought of about the film. If I come up with anything new, I'll add those too.


At Mon Mar 14, 02:06:00 PM AST, Blogger Quackin' Mad Duck said...

Hey, our bloggers have now reached the one-month mark! Woohoo! Thanks for enriching the experience, since I'd still probably be figuring out the template stuff if it wasn't for your generosity!

It's cool to find evidence of people that think like I do, meaning the processes are alike even if all the conclusions aren't. (I still intend to "convert" you into a "reimagined" BSG fan. I have at my disposal certain duck-i mindtricks)

Regarding this post, I thought Jim Carey kept this movie from being utterly moronic. He was fantastic, and made me really feel sorry for him, making me forget all the VERY contrived plot points for a moment. I loved Carey in The Mask and as Ace Ventura, but this movie represents his best work by far.

Regarding Lucas' descent into over-hyped movie madness, I can't help but wonder how great these prequels might have been if he'd allowed creative input from other more capable sources. He's become such a self-obsessed weirdo. All that fame and fortune that went with the original trilogy ruined him somehow. Instead of trying to reward his lifelong "followers" (or those of us who were awed by the originals as kids), it seems he's merely trying to exploit this current generation of kids with his mass-merchandising stunts (how else do you explain JarJar?). What he fails to appreciate is how different these kids are than our generation was at the same age. (We grew up on bugs-bunny and popeye, etc., these kids grow up on ninja turtles and thundercats and animae other much-less innocent diversions than we had at our disposal.) Ewoks might have worked once upon a time, but cutesy crap like that with JarJar and his choice of cutesy kid to play Anakin in TPM was a disaster. Hell, this is turning into more of a post than a comment, so I'm going to copy and paste it to my blog. Anyway, blog on, dude!


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