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Sunday, March 13, 2005

That can ruin your whole day

I just finished watching Return of the Jedi on DVD, and I couldn't help but think about the poor shmuck who took a job as a cook aboard the super star destroyer. I mean, there you are, aboard the second-most powerful warship in existence, cooking away, trying to feed God only knows how many thousands of people, and you think to yourself, “Damn, I've got a gas leak here somewhere.” So you grab the nearest fire extinguisher(do they have those in a galaxy far, far away?) and point it at the fire in the kitchen. That's when it hits you: that's not a kitchen fire you've got there. A moment later, your ships slams into the Death Star, and doubles the size of your supposed kitchen fire. Man, that would suck.


At Sun Mar 13, 07:25:00 PM AST, Blogger Quackin' Mad Duck said...

Hey, a whole new perspective that I never even thought of before. Maybe that'll be in the super-duper deluxe kitchen-sink "Archive Edition" that Lucas will come out with next year, all with an additional 5 hours of new digitally-enhanced THX-certified material!

At Sun Mar 13, 08:25:00 PM AST, Blogger The Mad Perseid said...

Yup, the long-lost story of "Chuck the cook", hero of the Empire, chef-extraordinaire, defending his croissant stores to death.


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