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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Of self-checkout lanes, and mucha ripoffs thereof

One of the local grocery store chains introduced the self-checkout lanes. Basically, you do everything yourself. Scan, bag, handle money, that sort of thing. It's billed as a convinience, but in actuality it's just a ripoff since the self-checkout lanes are always on, even when the maned(or womaned, as the case usually is) lanes are not all going. They don't give you a discount for using the self-checkout lanes, and they only need one woman to run six of them. She does corrections, helps with codes or with items that appear in the store database, that sort of thing.

My way of dealing with these lanes is that if I have more than twenty dollars worth of groceries, or the regular lanes are ridiculously busy and the self-checkout ones are not, I go to the regular lanes. If they won't give me a discount for doing everything myself, I want full service.


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