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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Of remote door openers, or how to magnify the signal

Have you ever returned to the parking lot after a triumphant shopping spree only to not be able to find your car? Have you ever stood there, knowing that your car is in a particular direction, but being unable to find it, despite pressing the alarm buttons on your remote door opener? Fear not, dear friends! You ride to the rescue!

That's right, you need nothing special to boost that signal. Merely face in the general direction you think your car is located, place the remote control up to your chin(making sure that the emiter is pressing against your chin) and press that drasty button! Voila! You have automagically doubled the range of your remote control.

It only works with radio transmitters, do not try this with your TV remote control. The infrared signals won't do you any harm, but they can't be amplified or focused this way, either.


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