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Monday, March 07, 2005

Of mis-named letters, and going postal thereof

So, I receive a letter in the mail the other day, addressed to someone else, but with my address. So, I put the letter on top of the mailbox, like everyone else. When a letter isn't addressed to you, just put it by, and the post guy will take it away. Ha! I say unto ye! Ha! Not my postal guy. No. He just put the letter back in my box again today.

In other words, they're making me take the letter home, put a cross through the address and maybe even write something, and then take it back downstairs. All the work they're making me do. Oh the horror! Oh the humanity!


At Mon Mar 07, 10:22:00 PM AST, Blogger Miranda said...

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At Mon Mar 07, 10:27:00 PM AST, Blogger Miranda said...

We get a catalog that is supposed to go to some church. Our mail carrier will take that issue away if we put it back in the mailbox, but the very next issue that comes out, comes to us. So, we've given up on sending it back.

At Mon Mar 07, 10:33:00 PM AST, Blogger The Mad Perseid said...

The post office is funny, sometimes.


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