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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Of bad shopping experiences, or why can't they just leave me the hell alone?

Why is it now impossible to walk through a video card/hard drive department of a major Canadian electronics chain without being asked stupid questions by the guy behind the counter and being forced to answer at a time I really don't want to talk to anybody?

I just walked through, glancing at the shelves, not even looking like I was thinking about stopping, and the guy starts asking me how I'm doing and demanding to know if he can help me and then informing me as I'm almost completely out of his department that if I have any questions, I should ask him because that's what he's there for. No shit, Sherlock!

But I just want to walk through and look and not be engaged in idle chitchat that would force me to lie to him. I'm not, after all, going to tell him that I'm going to get laid off in exactly one month, so no, I'm not alright.


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