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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Of ancient civilizations, and keeping records thereof

I've noticed that, according to the various TV shows and movies, ancient civilizations have been rather anal-rententive in their record-keeping. Look at Stargate: SG1, for example. Everything the team needs to know has been chiseled into stone somewhere, for goodness sake. I mean, everything is there: how to dial home, the lives and times of the various Goa'uld, how to find paradise planets, safety tips for the use and maintenance of the staff weapons. Think about it: these people chiseled all sorts of information into stone, and we have trouble writing down our appointments in a Grand&Toy appontment calendar.

If our civilization were to fall tomorrow, thousands of years later archeologists would have nothing to go on but some rubbish. Paper falls apart if not cared for or stored properly, our storage media is usually incompatible one year to the next and nothing we build is designed to last more than a few years. In the days of pharaohs, they built to last. Of course, they did have infinite slave labour, but even so.

I can see it now. In the year 5005, a new show will appear on the planetary entertainment broadcast bands. The show will be called "Stargate: SG1/3000 years later". It will be about a military/civilian group of three humans and one Kratary who attempt to save the Universe while receiving no help whatsoever from any civilization since pre-Christian Egypt. Unlike the current "Stargate: SG1" which tries to save at most a couple of galaxies, on "Stargate: SG1/3000 years later", they'll think much bigger. The motto will be, "It's a big Universe out there, don't be so local galactic cluster-centric".


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