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Thursday, March 31, 2005

More bad movie-making, or how to make entire cultures look really awful

Even if you disregard how bad the movie The Day After Tomorrow was, how bad its science was and the ridiculousness of the plot lines, you still must admit that it made certain ethnic groups, particularly the Central and South American ones, look like the worst bastards the world has ever seen.

Think about it. The world's largest environmental disaster overtakes a huge portion of the Northern Hemisphere, destroying Europe, Canada and most of the United States. People fleeing an environment disaster like that are blocked by the only safe haven, Mexico. Remember, these aren't people fleeing terrible economic and social decisions of their government, but -100C temperatures and a frozen wasteland that has suddenly engulfed their country. Mexico relents only when the US government, what's left of it, promises to cancel the entire debt of the Central and South America. The US government-in-exile then says something like “Thanks to our good friends in Mexico blah blah blah”.

In other words, these countries have extorted billions upon billions of dollars from a country that is in no position to do anything about it, that has no choice but to acceed to these demands in an effort to save those few people that are now left. Dollars that, by the way, were loaned to those countries in the perhaps vain hope that those governments would do something useful with them.

You could argue, of course, that they got what they deserved what with not signing Kyoto(even though Bill Clinton wouldn't sign it either and even though even if signed it would have a negligible effect on the climate anyway) and all that, but if you go that way, then any time somebody clearcuts jungle off the side of a volcano, builds a farm and then whines that his farm went up in smoke when a river of lava ploughs it under, he should be told to go to hell. As well, if you clearcut forest on the side of a mountain and then build a community at the base of it, don't whine that a mudslide that the forest used to prevent just obliterated your town.

Entire cultures were shown as being opportunistic extortionists, and nobody even blinked an eye.


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