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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Don't you just hate when this happens?

After a particularly weird snowfall, wet and heavy, not to mention first melting somewhat yesterday evening, then freezing again overnight, my wheel wells got filled again, and of course, that meant the brakes were oddly soft. Took a while to dry them out, too. I guess I'll take my baby in and have them check the sliders, to make sure they aren't dry. Never had this problem on a Chevy, but on the two Oldsmobiles the sliders dry out, and then the brakes don't work in wet conditions, until the warm up, then they're fine.

I used to have an Olds Achieva, with a 3.1L V6 and a 53 liter tank. It had a range of about 700 kms, if you push it till it's running on fumes. My Olds Intrigue has a 3.8L V6 and a 68 liter tank. It has a range of about 600 kms, but my God the size and comfort! It also has a very weird fuel gage, so I can't tell once it hits three quarter empty how much gas it has left; often when it hits empty and starts to ping at me and I get gas, I can put in 50 liters or so.

I've read that the newer, '99 and younger, Intrigues had a 3.5L V6, and they were worse on fuel, so I'm glad I have a '98. Once, on a trip from Toronto to Moncton, I got gas just outside of Montreal and didn't need to get gas again until just outside the New Brunswick border. That was during the cool weather of Fall in November, and so no air conditioning used. Can't do that in the summer, of course.


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