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Monday, February 28, 2005

Great moments in TV history

Frylock: “Turn him over; that's how Jum Morrison died.” He's speaking of an unhappy doll, lying face down, after throwing up.
Meatwad: “Nah, just leave him there.”
Frylock: “What kind of attitude is that?” in a stunned voice
Meatwad: “Well, look at him. He's so unhappy.”
Frylock: “I'm going to get you a new, happier doll.”
-------- Aqua Teen Hunger Force - the program description on Rogers Cable is, “Food items solve crimes.”


At Mon Feb 28, 06:24:00 PM AST, Blogger President God said...

I absolutely love Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Master Shake is my hero.

At Mon Feb 28, 07:11:00 PM AST, Blogger The Mad Perseid said...

Personally, I'm partial to Meatwad. He's so... vague.


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